Art with Feathers

by Sue Neale

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Art using Feathers

My artwork is created with authentic Australian Native bird feathers and nests, I also use Guinea Fowl and Peacock feathers - because they are so beautiful....

No birds have been harmed in the collection

of any feathers I use in my work.

These delicate feathers are hand selected, artfully arranged on premium parchment paper and enclosed in custom-made Perspex frames.  

I began creating my handcrafted feather and nest works in 2015.  Over many years I collected feathers, and was given many of them as the word got around that I was a “feather collector” !!   20 years ago I learned how to work with Perspex - since then I have put all sorts of “things” into boxes - snake skins, cricket balls, porcelain, collected shards, feathers and nests.

I have  exhibited in several locations throughout Queensland and New South Wales, with one-off pieces sold to clients in New York, USA, Cumbria in the UK, the South of France and Dubai.

Unique and Hand crafted

Once the feathers are completed, they are ready to hang in individually made perspex frames.  Nature insures that each work is unique, so no two are the same. 

The colours are as found in nature.

Shipping is quoted separately as it depends on size and destination. Please email me or call for details. 

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Art with Feathers

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